BUDIT 2015

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BUDIT 2014 was held on 2/3/4th May 2014 and hosted 7 teams. Felix ran up a £188.05 bar tab on Friday night, Boats & Hoes won the tournament, and The Disc-Orientated won spirit!

The Disc-Orientated - 2014 Spirit Winners

Boats & Hoes - BUDIT 2014 Champions

Video of the final between Boats & Hoes + Backhanded Compliments

Loads of videos from BUDIT 2014 are available here.

BUDIT 2013 was held on 15/16/17th January and hosted 80 players split into 10 teams. Videos of tons of the games can be found here.

Champions: Ladies Mannings

Top row: Charlie Gorton, Pete Horne, Steven Nemeth, Stefan Lewis

Kneeling: Doug Milne, Lucy Wiggins, Tom Mannings, Devansh Gor

Spirit Winners & Runners Up: Hairey Faireys

Standing: Mike Claridge, Arthur Holt, James Attrill

Kneeling: Jamie Whiteside, Sam Airey, Sam Naef

Bottom: Dan Knightly, Nicole Cozens, Catherine Cozens

BUDIT 2013 finishing positions:

1. Ladies Mannings

2. Hairey Faireys (Spirit)

3. Miles High Club

4. Team Pete

5. Stupid Nickname

6. Sunday Spoons

7. The Flea Circus

8. Hannimals Animals

9. Prossie's Call Girls

10. Diesel Power

Final table standings (before finals):

Open rounds pick order was: 1. Pete H, 2. Miles, 3. Flea, 4. Dom, 5. Clamps, 6. Spoon, 7. Pete Stokes, 8. Mannings, 9. H. Brew, 10. Sam Airey

Women's round pick order was: 1. Flea, 2. Sam Airey, 3. Pete H, 4. Dom, 5. Clamps, 6. Miles, 7. Hannah Brew, 8. Spoon, 9. Pete Stokes, 10. Mannings

Day 2 report (16th Feb):

Wow. BUDIT 2013 is complete!

Sunday saw a lot of bleary eyes despite a generous 10:40 start. Last night there was much more fun had at the Druids, with a number of people going clubbing in town, but plenty staying out in the Druids until 3am, the vibe was great with teams getting to know each other and mingling, chatting about the games of Saturday and looking foward to the games of Sunday.

Sunday Spoons vs Ladies Mannings wasn't all it was billed up to be - with only three players on Spoons line at the start, Mannings called 10 seconds and it was game on... Unsurprisingly they ran away with it, 7-3 - another comfortable win for Ladies Mannings. Spoons were lacking Gash and although they had moments of brilliance, they underperformed in their Sunday games, drawing against Hannimals Animals but losing the rest of their games to finish 6th overall.

Flea Circus had a good day, beating Stupid Nickname and Prossie's Call Girls in their first two games of the day, having a close battle against Ladies Mannings but losing out 8-6, and then beating Hannimals Animals in their last game of the day to get 7th place.

Stupid Nickname got three wins today, an improvement from yesterday - they really started to click and get the best out of all their players. Finished 5th.

Things didn't get any better for Diesel Power, despite playing great and havxing close games today, they lost them all and finished 10th - notably only losing by 1 point to Miles High Club, showing they were actually playing top quality ultimate as Miles' finished 3rd, beating Team Pete and exciting Panther-captain-off in the last game.

Prossie's Call Girls lost some close games against Miles High Club and the Flea Circus, but beat Deeny's team twice at the end to earn 9th spot. Hannimals Animals got a good win against Diesel Power, 5-4, but Haireys Faireys were too much for them as they lost out 6-2.  Facing up against Sunday Spoons was a tight game which could've gone either way, eventually finished in a 4-4 tie. They ended up playing in the 7v8 against the other female captain's team, the Flea Circus, but succumbed to them to settle for 8th place.

Miles High Club finished in a fantastic 3rd place after beating Diesel Power and Prossie's Call Girls today, then a great victory over Team Pete in the 3v4 which was much closer than the 6-2 win on Saturday. Team Pete did great today too, getting a 6-6 tie against finalists Hairey Faireys, and storming the game against Sunday Spoons to win 7-2 - not quite enough to get the point difference needed to finish in the top 2 however.

Hairey Faireys were one of the great stories of BUDIT. 5th in the table at the start of Sunday, they hit the ground running on Sunday and got wins against Spoons, Hannimals, and Flea Circus, to secure their space in the final by a mere 8 goals in goal difference, and winning the spirit prize along the way!

Onto the final! Ladies Mannings vs Hairey Faireys... It was a thrilling match with some huge plays, notably a layout D from Jamie Whiteside, earning his 1st round pick spot, a great catch from DK and a huge layout D from Sam Airey near the end of the game. The score was really close but the unbeaten Ladies Mannings converted the turnovers more often and won the final 6-4!

Well played everybody, hope you all enjoyed yourselves and we'll see you at another event soon! Congratulations to Ladies Mannings for winning BUDIT 2013, and Hairey Faireys for winning spirit!

Day 1 report (15th Feb):

After a storming Draft Night last night, Saturday kicked off with Hannimals Animals and Team Pete finding their feet in a tight but low scoring first game, 4-3 to Team Pete with help from the experience of Waggle, the grabs of Officer T J Wilson, and the D's of Jiggy. Meanwhile on pitch 2, Sunday Spoons were on a rampage against The Flea Circus, with Gash marking out Andy Berry and Spoon making nothing easy for Faron, the nearly all-Mohawk team of Spoons clicked immediately, not giving The Flea Circus time to find their feet. 9-3 Spoons.

Next up, Miles High Club and the Hairey Faireys went down to the wire, Therapist, Jessie and Billy Fluff working the disc around and a classic Vicky v Nicole matchup, eventually ending as a 4-4 draw with some great plays from both sides. Ladies Mannings showed they are potential finalists in a high scoring game against Diesel Power, using Dougie's throws, Stefan's grabs and Charlie's D to come out 7-5 victors, overpowering YT, Stan Holt and Jamie Weatherby.

The two remaining teams, Stupid Nickname (was: Clamps) and Prossie's Call Girls also had an incredibly tight fought match, with Clamps' throws not quite connecting with Cake as desired in the last point, but Longface geling well with the out-of-towners Foxy, Guy and Paul Marshall to force the draw - 4-4.

Ladies Mannings had a fantastic day, winning all 5 games and topping the table, which bodes particularly well for them as they don't even have a one-dayer superstar on their team. Just behind them are Sunday Spoons, who will be losing Gash for tomorrow when they face Mannings in their first game at 11:00 - one to watch. Spoons drew with Miles High Club earlier in the day, who did very well with 2 wins and 3 draws, finishing 3rd for the day, just above Team Pete (with 3 wins and 1 draw) by 3 goals in goal difference. Prossie's Call Girls had a tough day, facing Spoons and Mannings, but managed a draw against Stupid Nickname (Clamps).

Diesel Power also got just the one draw, against The Flea Circus, 7-7 in a thrilling high scoring battle. Flea Circus are 6th in the table (3 draws 1 win), tied with Hairey Faireys (2 draws 1 win) but pipped by just 2 goals in goal difference.

Stupid Nickname got 1 win and 1 draw from the day, against Hairey Faireys and Prossie's Call Girls respectively, but showed plenty of potential with really tight losses to Team Pete and Ladies Mannings - Waggle scoring in the last second for Team Pete to deny them the draw. However they lose Callum tomorrow so we shall have to see if they've gelled enough around him to keep the results coming in. Hannimals Animals got one win today, vs Prossie's Call Girls, but never got beaten by more than 2 points, including a tight 6-4 game against Ladies Mannings and a 1 point loss to Miles High Club - the 1st and 3rd finishers of the day!

Going into Sunday, some big games: Ladies Mannings v Sunday Spoons at 11am is a must-watch, Team Pete v Hairey Faireys at 12:40, and Prossie's Call Girls against Diesel Power at 13:40. Really though, ANYTHING could still happen tomorrow, as almost all the games have been really tight (6 draws, 10 other games being won by 1 or 2 points only) - however the results suggest the finalists are likely to be two teams out of Ladies Mannings, Sunday Spoons, Miles High Club and Team Pete. Hairey Faireys and Flea Circus still have a very realistic shot though, especially as Spoons are losing Gash tomorrow - we're only just past half way through the group games and the inevitable madness of Saturday Night could have any kind of impact on tomorrow!

Game on.

News update (12th Feb):

BUDIT 2013 is this weekend! Here are a few updates:

- 80 players are playing both days, including 10 captains
- Draft Night 8pm @ the Druids will be epic with free finger food and drinks deals. Here's where the pub is on a map: http://goo.gl/maps/zJD3G
- the order which the captains take their picks will be RANDOM, with their names pulled from a hat at 8pm, 20 minutes before the draft begins
- there will be one women's round, with a new random captain pick order, inserted into the draft at a point yet to be decided (probably round 2). Any women not picked in this round will be added to the Open pool
- the last round of players will be assigned to teams randomly, out of a hat again
- captains will be allowed to trade players (1 for 1 with no other elements involved) on draft night, up until 10 minutes after the last pick, and lasting the whole weekend (no trading for 1 game for example)
- captains will be allowed to trade pick order up until 5 minutes before the draft begins
- if you've requested accommodation then I sent you an email a few days ago - let me know if you didn't get it but you need somewhere to sleep
- I've also contacted people who will be required to host, however this may change on draft night so if you offered some space, please be flexible!
- schedule will be out soon; first games at 12:40 on Saturday (finish 17:00), 10:40 on Sunday (finish 15:00)
- happy hour on selected drinks for BUDITers all night in the Druids!

If you can't play this weekend then let me know NOW so we can sort a replacement! (and so the captains can change their pick plans!)

Get on the Facebook event for banter and more updates: http://www.facebook.com/events/391356904279161

Check out a ton of BUDITers in action last Thursday at the BACA sports center, playing WIBL: http://www.pushpass.co.uk/games/wibl-week-9-videos/


What: Brighton Ultimate Draft Indoor Tournament (Mixed, depending on numbers)

Where: BACA Sports Centre, Falmer (http://goo.gl/maps/rdgbC - map outdated)
When: 15/16/17th February 2013 (Friday evening Draft Night, Saturday & Sunday games)
Who: Individual players sign up and are picked by the 10 team captains on Draft Night, and then play at least 4 games per day.
How much: £20 per person

Draft Night will be a spectacular event on Friday night with a big screen and PA system, as the captains take turns to pick players for their team for the weekend. Saturday games start late (12:40pm), after the games we'll meet in the Druids pub and prepare for a night out in Brighton, then Sunday morning more games & finals to decide the BUDIT Champions!

After all the picks have been made on Draft Night, players are encouraged to make use of the special drinks deal we'll have with the pub - have a few with your new teammates and see where the night takes you, as the Saturday start is late for everybody!

Saturday & Sunday all teams will play their games from 12:40-17:40 on Saturday and 10:40-15:20 on Sunday, culminating in a Grand Final to determine the BUDIT Champions 2013. The round-robin format means you'll get to play against all the other teams, and then have a final match to decide your finishing position. Fill in the form to sign up now, before the spaces are all filled up!

Full results:

Captain's bios:

'Prossie' Pete Howarth:

Prossie's Call Girls

DOB: 10/12/1990
Height: 5'11.5"
Started playing: 08/10/2010
Teams: Mohawks, Tactical Dump, Huckit & Spade

"Don't let the name put you off - you can't come up with a pun to do with my nickname and make it sound classy, whatever you do. That aside, I am here to pick the best of the bunch and try and win - I mean, why are any of us here if not to win? But this is BUDIT, and for those who have been under my captaincy before, having fun, being relaxed and comfortable is what it is all about for me - competitiveness is great, but is even better when everyone is loving playing the sport they love!
I know a lot of you and how you play, and will be concentrating on putting together a team that is less about individuals and more about the team as a whole - putting players together who have good chemistry and play well together - that's what is going to win a tournament like this!
If you fancy having a fantastic weekend, with loads of laughs and great 'company' at the party then come talk to me before Draft Night!

Felix says: "Can be relied upon to give 100% when it matters, Pete's Tour captaining experience likely stands him in good stead for keeping his team gelling during the big games. President of the Mohawks, he has great knowledge of all the new & old Mohawk players, and isn't too shabby on his knowledge of the Panthers either - but will he be able to spot the up and coming BU stars? Only Draft Night will tell!"


Sam Airey:

Hairey Faireys

DOB: 14/08/1992

Height: 6'0"

Started playing: 01/09/2011

Teams: Mohawks, Coathangers

"A new dog can earn old tricks, new tricks and even make tricks up. I am inexperienced but make up for this in facial hair and a desire to prove that Frisbee is much more than a poorly named leisure activity. As a member of Mohawks I too am unsure of our Native American ancestry but feel that a few shared characteristics stand testament to my origins.

Just as the Mohawks did I believe in gambling. I am taking the gamble of not knowing the majority of draftees and thus am taking everything you have said in your bios at face value… I am also willing to take the gamble on draft night of picking a team which unequivocally picks apart every other team, re-defines the very sport we worship and will laugh in the face of frustration as reputations crumble, gravity is questioned and tears are shed. Otherwise I will look to play flowing, quality, and unpredictable ultimate which can wow the crowds Felix has promised us all and will be fun to be a part of.

Consider me play-doh: I will mould, adapt, impress, stretch and possibly taste horrible."

Felix says: "Although the least experienced captain, Sam was the only fresher to play in the Uni Nationals Final last year when Mohawks won for the 2nd year in a row. Showing great potential as well as already being a formidable opponent, Sam will likely be a big player on his team, and with his knowledge of the Mohawks he should make some smart picks on Draft Night."


Tom Mannings:

Ladies Mannings

DOB: 14/12/1987
Height: 6'0"
Started playing: Mid 2009
Teams: Brighton Panthers, Napoleon Skynamite

"I’m offering you the deluxe BUDIT package, get involved.
Do you think those other chumps elected as Captains will do a sub 20 second 3 pint challenge both Friday andSaturday and still make that layout D in the final Sunday afternoon?
I’m not one of those Captain-y Captains, by that I mean I have very little experience of actually being a captain. I have played a while, under a lot of knowledgeable players, so I could regurgitate some of that if you want, but in realityultimate is a simple game and we all know how to play? I’ll just be the one pushing us in the right direction with a few clichés, or the one to come to if you have a fantastic idea which I may or may not pass off as my own. I will probably delegate speeches, calls, flips, and Sambuca shots, it is a team sport after all, so heads up. I don’t plan to do pages of homework compiled weeks before BUDIT on all of the possible combinations of players I could pick, I’ll be looking for players who are like me - athletic, skillful, love the game, almost ambidextrous, modest and willing to buy me a pint. If this sounds like you then come find me Draft Night for a pre-selection chat, I’ll be the super excitedguy who can’t wait to pick the heroes who he’s going to smash the weekend with."

Felix says: "Mannings is an all-round player/playa, who started as a formidable cutter, became a very useful handler out of necessity, and still loves busting it to the end zone when the disc is in a thrower's hands. It'll be interesting to see whether he weights his picks towards throwers or receivers, as this will likely dictate the role he will have to fill for the weekend. My bet is he'll go for Andy early on, hoping that Faron will still be available in round 2."


James "Spoon" Wotherspoon

DOB: 01/12/1991
Height: 6'2"
Started playing: 01/10/2010
Teams: Mohawks, Brighton 2, Tactical Dump

I'm a man of few words, so instead of describing myself, here are some quotes:
"A spoon is a utensil consisting of a small shallow bowl; enthusiasm; intensity & some serious desire to party, at the end of a handle. A type of captain (sometimes called flatware in the US) it is primarily used for serving (fools). Spoons are also used in team selection to pick, select & choose an awesome team of the best ingredients. Present day spoons are often made from metal" - Wikipedia 2013.

"Whilst he may not be the sharpest item of cutlery in the draw, the potential for making up awesome spoon related chants is unrivaled - ie (to the tune of we will rock you) We will, we will spoon you" - Joe Butler (Man's man, lady's man and winner of most manly beard in the Mohawks 2011 & 2012).

Felix says: "Spoon has demonstrated this year he is able to keep a cool head in big games, then flip out to get an insane layout D on any slight slip up from his opposition. Often marked deep by opponents due to his height & ups, Spoon keeps the advantage by being comfortable coming under to get the disc and take the shots that will work. He's likely to pick a soild handler early on who he can work well with, possibly Therapist or Waggle, and then snap up Stan Holt in the 2nd round, as he has the advantage of having seen him play on Monday nights."


Fiona "Flea" Auld:

The Flea Circus

DOB: 17/09/1990
Height: 5'3"
Started playing: 13/09/2007
Teams: Bristol Ultimate, Disc-o-Biscuits, BRB

"Never one to say no to a challenge. I'm looking to find a team of like-minded alcoholics with a frisbee problem, willing to party hard and play even harder. I have a fair amount of Captaining experience and I'll endeavour to be a good one. I'm a fairly small person, but my attitude and ego more than make up for what I lack in height. I'm pretty excited about the weekend, cannot wait to have a lot of fun and kick some butt."

Felix says: "An impressive Ultimate CV with an attitude to boot, Flea certainly has the advantage of captaining experience over the others, but being from outside Brighton means that she'll have to do her research if she's to make the right decisions in the all-important first couple of rounds. She may be swayed by Andy's height in the first round, and Mental, Waggle and Felix's GB experience she can certainly relate to and use as a good benchmark! Let's hope she can shake off the excitable dinosaurs from her past."


Hannah Brew:
Hannimals Animals

DOB: 01/02/1992
Height: 5'7 3/4"
Started playing: 11/11/11
Teams: Panthers, Kenton, Brighton

Recently released from Swindon Youth Offenders Institute for crimes heinous and numerous to mention, was indicted into the Panthers squad as part of an outreach program aimed at controlling Hannah's anger management issues. It has been rumored that Hannah uses discs to take down cattle before gorging on their raw flesh as part of a blood ritual that supposedly gives her forearms extra ping. 

'Determined and professional'
'How does she keep her hair so shiny'
'What does she store under her bun?!'

Just some of the kind quotes that previous players have used to describe me. Not the most experienced captain in the world, but with a passion for playing and the ability to drink several bottles of warm Lambrini, if you're looking for chilled out team and plenty of chances to score some sweet points, then look no further. Peace.

P.S Open to bribes in the form of some top quality west country cider.

Felix says: "With a sporting background, plenty of the skills of Ultimate came naturally to Hannah, along with a competitive nature and desire to improve which cannot be matched. Always seen throwing a frisbee around along Lewes Road, her throws will take a lot of players by surprise and no doubt punish countless poaches and lazy forces. Athleticism will see her able to get the disc back in her hands after a turn over, and she'll be tough to beat in the end zone. She'll likely pick a receiver-heavy lineup, and will probably hone in on athleticism over experience, so will be looking for Faron, Miles and Sam Airey early on. If she prepares well for Draft Night, her dream team could come together to take the tournament by storm."


Pete Stokes:
Team Pete

DOB: 13/12/1986
Height: 5'9"
Started playing: 01/01/2006
Teams: Brighton Panthers, Pier Pressure

Pete Stokes, also known as “Pete Godamongstmen Stokes” and “The Silverback”, is an epic living legend who will go down in the future annuals of the sport as a revolutionary and a visionary. Hissupernatural ability transcends mere physics, pushing the boundaries of what was once thought possible.

Founder of the mighty Brighton University Panthers, on only a flaming wing and Satanistic prayer, he built the team from an empty husk into the sporting powerhouse which it is known as today.

As is clear, he is a modest individual, never one to over-emphasise what he is capable of, a true pillar of the community and one who takes losing (which simply doesn’t happen!) graciously.

Team Pete will become a team of similar God-like individuals who will do whatever it takes for glory.

Apart from that Team Pete will have easily the most fun at BUDIT, as long as you are willing not to take it too seriously, Pete certainly won’t!

Felix says: "Founder of the Brighton Uni Panthers team, Pete will likely stay loyal to his roots and top of his wishlist will be Andy and Toby. He'll run around like a lunatic so will also be looking for someone similar to do the same when he has to take a sub. His research before the weekend will be the deciding factor on whether he can bring together a winning team! As a captain he'll be inspirational by the sheer amount of effort he puts in to every single point."



Diesel Power

DOB: 12/01/1986
Height: 6'0"
Started playing: 30/09/2005

I've been playing with Brighton Ultimate Since 2005. I've conjured little respect in that time until last November when I took presidency of the club in a military coup. I've not got much in my trophy cabinet apart from a few party and spirit awards, which pretty much sums up my captaincy style. I'm so spirited that it could almost be deemed unsportsmanlike. Indoors for me is all about the pitch length hammers and knifey scubas - so get ready for some glory.
"Every now and then Deeny will do something amazing, then he'll just go back to being Deeny." - Sion Thaysen.

Felix says: "Deeny's consistency will likely be the deciding factor for how his team performs at BUDIT. An exciting player, you can guarantee he'll be involved in almost all the big plays on the field - he will be looking to pick dynamic receivers in rounds 1 and 2, then possibly an ambitious and excitable thrower in round 3. He could be looking to snap up Therapist, Stan Holt or Mat Basford, then Pitcher in round 3 if he's still available."


Miles Tincknell:

The Miles High Club

DOB: 05/12/1990

Height: 5'6" 3/4

Started playing: 2010

Teams: Panthers, Pier Pressure, Rough Sleepers

"Gonna keep this short and sweet, like me, basically looking to mess up the BUDIT scene both on and off the pitch, spirit kept in check of course, partying is a must."

Felix says: "Always the centre of the party (seen bottom left here), Miles' qualities as a captain have earned him a rare 2nd term as open captain of the Panthers. Enthusiastic, hard working, competitive yet patient, he is surely a pleasure to play for, and being a central figure of the Brighton scene since he started playing, he has great knowledge of all the Brighton based players so should be able to make some great picks, but if he gets complacent and doesn't research the out-of-town players, the lack of depth of his team could be his undoing. As a player, Miles' speed makes him a formidable opponent and a valuable team mate. He's the #1 player you want marking an end zone cutter in a 1 on 1 situation, and his work rate will pay dividends."


Nicholas James "Clamps" Rodriguez Kyle

DOB: 05/06/1984

Height: 6'0"

Started playing: 05/10/2004

Teams: BYH, Brighton, Mohawks

"If you get to play on my team you will soon find out that every day is just like christmas, and no I don't mean your uncle is coming round to touch you in the spare bedroom. Hopefully we can gel quickly as a team and play some fast give and go offense along with clever defense."

Felix says: "Clamps doesn't settle for not being the best he can be at anything, and thus is constantly learning, improving, and performing at a very high level, whilst being his own toughest critic. As a captain he keeps a level head and knows exactly what needs to be done to win any game, and will make you laugh before, during and after. Likely to stay in the pub all night on Friday and Saturday, he'll be doing a lot of research into potential players to pick at WIBLs before BUDIT starts."

Player's bios (messy!):

Player count, including 10 captains: 84 (Saturday), 82 (Sunday)

Oscar "O-town" Barker-Phelps

DOB: 06/10/1989

Height: 5'10"

Started playing: Dec 08

Teams: Mohawks, Brighton, GIMV
"Thanks to drop outs I can now play! I pretty much haven't touched a disc in the last 6 months but look at it as I'm nice and fresh for the weekend! Felix's description is pretty accurate and possibly better than any I can give of myself so I'd go with that."

Felix says: "Bronzed O-town brings a chilled, happy-go-lucky attitude to any team. Having racked up plenty of experience playing with the Mohawks for a full three years, his athleticism can be put to good use on both offence and defence, and his knowledge of his own game is accurate so you won't see him biting off more than he can chew. Unlikely to turn over very much and very likely to make at least one awesome play per game, Oscar only adds to a team so will be a great pick in round 2 or 3."

Tom White (YT)

DOB: 08/06/1979

Height: 5'10"

Started playing: 01/07/1998

Teams: Fiddlewinx, Mohawks, Brighton

"If you pick me three things will happen:

1) We will win*.

2) The other teams will be scared.

3) I'm fairly certain to be annoying if we play duncan for the call.

*Clearly this stipulation is bunk if you don't make reasonable decisions for the other picks, numbnuts."

Felix says: "With my coach YT on your team you're guaranteed to have fun in and/or care about every game your team plays. A great motivator with fantastic knowledge of the game, his D is underrated (especially as indoors is more about smarts than quicks) and no team can do badly with him involved. Probably a round 1 pick."

Sam "Sammer" Naef

DOB: 06/11/1987

Height: 5'8"

Started playing: 2008

Teams: Mohawks

"Was pretty alright in first year of uni & was called up to be in 1st team.. i do like the hammer.. but it has been a few years since I last was chasing a disk. I could be absolutely terrible & will need reminding of certain tactics, but then again i might be pretty alright too."

Felix says: "Sammer returns after a few years out - he played Nationals with Mohawks 1 in 2009 when I believe we lost a crossover in sudden death and finished 11th. Playing well in the big games, I remember Sammer treasuring the disc in pressure situations and getting a layout D or two in big points. If I had to liken him to a current Mohawk it'd probably be Jizzy."

James "Jallen" Allen

DOB: 25/09/1992

Height: 5'10"

Started playing: 28/09/2011

Teams: Mohawks, Coathangers, Brighton H & S, Not So Brighton Jnrs

"I am so excited for BUDIT I can't even feel my arms. As a player I possess many many skills including throwing frisbees, catching frisbees, running in various directions, jumping and many more. I like musicals, candlelit baths and long walks on the beach.  Also, I like teams who all get along so remember ELE, everybody love everybody!"

Felix says: "A stark contrast to Sam Bell's profile speel, Jallen adds high levels of athleticism and agility to an otherwise well-rounded game. Able to knock it up another notch when required, and never happy with sub-par performances, Jallen will be hard to prise away from his Coathanger teammates on Friday and Saturday night, but will give his all in the games."

Sam Bell

DOB: 04/01/1989

Height: 5'11"

Started playing: 05/10/2008

Teams: Skynamite, Brighton 2, Panthers

"I f*cking love this sh*t. Indoor, outdoor even your mum's bedroom door. I like playing with my disc."

Felix says: "Foul-mouthed Sam brings a fairly well-rounded game to the field, and boasts plenty of indoors experience with WIBL league-toppers Napoleon Skynamite. A Panther for many years, he's well known to many of the captains so will likely be picked fairly early in the draw."

Dan Cozens

DOB: 24/05/1978

Height: "6'15" in a 5'8" kind of way"

Started playing: 09/1996

Teams: Trigger Happy, Fiddlewinx, Brighton Mixed

"Old. Handler. Runs and jump a bit. Dan of 3 lay out in one point at wibl fame. Please throw better than my teammates on fiddlewinx."

Felix says: "Dan should be a round 1 or 2 pick, but isn't well known in the BU scene yet, having only been able to make a couple of WIBLs this season, so it's hard to know which captain will recognise his potential and make him an early pick. Surely whoever saw his triple-layout point will snap him up. With reliable throws, great field awareness and superb catching ability, if left late on Draft Night he could make all the difference. Expect to see him in the final."

Jamie Whiteside

DOB: 05/02/1980

Height: 5'11.5"

Started playing: 01/08/2009

Teams: Brighton Ultimate

"Probably more a D player than anything else, but that can come and go along with the rest of my game. Probably can't make the Sunday games...." ** IS NOW AVAILABLE BOTH DAYS **

Felix says: "Another Saturday-only player (probably?), Avatarz and Brighton 1 veteran Jamie brings boundless energy to a team's defence, and can get free frequently on offence - but needs to stay inside the back of the endzone when scoring (judging by the Avatarz v WTF video!)"

Ben Hadman

DOB: 28/07/1993

Height: 6'1"

Started playing: 30/09/2012

Teams: Panthers 2, Schindler's Discs

"I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.

Haven't really been playing for very long but have been involved in WIBL, Panther's seconds and managed MVP in the Panthers/Mos fresher's SICKO final. My knowledge of the rules is still developing and I possibly get a bit too competitive."

Felix says: "SICKO MVP Ben has lots going for him - height, competitiveness, indoor BACA experience from WIBL... He'll likely be snapped up by one of the Panther captains, possibly Miles, in round 5."


DOB: 14/11/1971

Height: 5'10"

Started playing: 1984

Teams: Brighton, Clapham, Regulators

"Been playing longer than most of the people that will be at the tournament have been alive. Played at every level, won loads & had fun along the way."

Felix says: "It's funny because it's true. With an average birth year of around 1990, Dougie has actually been playing significantly longer than most others have been alive. He took a break from indoors for many years, but was coaxed back into the confines of brick walls by WIBL and now BUDIT. Able and willing to throw hammers from any place on the pitch to anywhere else, he's shown in recent years playing for Avatarz that he'll still lay out and get the critical D's when they matter, then put the score in without hesitation. Will be interesting to see where he gets picked - I imagine he'll be picked soon after Waggle by a captain who doesn't want to miss out on having handling experience on the team."

Ismael "Black Magic" Simoes

DOB: 17/02/1992

Height: 6'0"
Started playing: 01/08/2010

Teams: Vespula, Mohawks, Tactical Dump

"I started playing a few years back, however only started playing D this year, which has worked out rather well. Tend not to do anything too crazy, but will try not to stop running until I am off the pitch. Have been known to get lost at parties, and regularly have arguments with my right arm which causes it to leave me, but with enough alcohol we can work out our differences."

Felix says: "Experienced playing with top players as well as beginners, Izzy should be right at home in a Draft team. A regular at WIBL when his arm is in its socket, he can bring down high discs but will occasionally ping a dump pass to nobody. Picked up plenty of skills playing with Mo2 this year, will probably see him go in round 3, possibly to his housemate Wotherspoon unless he's snapped up first or Spoon thinks he can delay on the pick for a round..."

Alex "Wham" Armitage

DOB: 29/11/1989

Height: 6'0"

Started playing: 01/09/2011

Teams: Brighton Ultimate, 'Hawks, Pier Pressure, Coathangers

"I love to run hard, play hard and drink hard afterwards. What more could you want?"

Felix says: "WIBL veteran who notably had a run-in with a brick wall last season returns in style. You won't see many people looking more comfortable with the disc in their hands, and although he may not pivot as much as you'd like, he'll sure put the disc in the right place for you. With plenty of experience from Tour he'll bring a level head to the games."

Adéla Drnovská

DOB: 19/11/1991

Height: 5'5"

Started playing: 01/04/2011

Teams: Brighton Panthers, Velká Morava

"I started to play frisbee in Czech republic. In september I came to Brighton as an exchange student and joined Panthers team as a first thing after arrival. I enjoy every possibility to play frisbee and to get more experiences. Not really agressive in offence but I'll work hard in defence."

Felix says: "Bringing experience over from Europe, Adéla has a well rounded game, able to catch and throw confidently and stick tight to her man on D with face marking - a tactic not many cutters will be able to counter, and one which sees her get no-look D's quite often (including two last week at WIBL)!"

Sim Kennedy

DOB: 11/03/1986
Height: 5'9"

Started playing: 28/09/2011
Teams: Mohawks, Coathangers, Huckit & Spade

"Hi captains! I am a quick and hard-working player who loves to have fun and play good Ultimate. I played for Mo2 at Indoor Nationals, where I learned a lot about indoor play. Most experienced at receiving but reliable as a handler, I can also stick to most players on D.

I love to party so I can not guarantee a fit state for play on Sunday morning..."

Felix says: "An all-round player who makes wise choices on the field, Sim can bolster any team without bringing in any weaknesses. His experience of playing both fun and competitive Ultimate will mean he can strike the right balance for BUDIT, and he's great to be around at the party too. Will probably be picked by Sam, depending on the picking order - could go late in round 2 or early in round 3."

Rhona "Poshkins" Perkins

DOB: 23/04/1990

Height: 5'6.5"

Started playing: 30/10/2009

Teams: Mohawks, Squaws

"I've had some time off, but I will always be a work hard/party hard player (and that is arguably the only way to do indoor). I favour a roll-curve side arm and I really rather enjoy catching weird discs. Other than that, I don't care what they say.. I bloody love indoors and I always will."

Felix says: "Known for a while as The Iron Claw, Rhona has an uncanny ability to catch anything thrown at her from any angle. Athletic and agile enough to keep up with any match-up, she is useful on both defence and offence, and with three years of top notch Squaws experience under her belt, she could well be the first woman picked."

Mike Claridge

DOB: 10/10/1989

Height: 6'2"

Started playing: 23/09/2012

Teams: Mohawks

"A mohawk fresher always looking for any opportunity to play more ultimate. Most comfortable as a cutter/receiver and I like to think I have a safe pair of hands. Also like to think i'm fairly quick and generally good at reading the disk. Always willing to learn and take advice from those willing to give it!"

Felix says: "Mike has shown great dedication to  learning and improving at Ultimate since starting this academic year, and his performance reflects that. His height is just a bonus - his game knowledge and disc skills are excellent considering the amount of time he's been playing. Mike will almost certainly be picked by Sam or Wotherspoon as they will have seen him in action, and he'll be another player who'll make a big difference against the captains who have overlooked him."

Longface "The Long Man"

DOB: 01/01/0600

Height: 226'0"

Started playing: 01/11/2007
Teams: BU, Van, Mohawks

"Despite some lengthy research back in the Summer of '09, I am yet to find any evidence to support that indoor ultimate is actually a sport. As such I will take it super super seriously, to try and get to be recognised as such. Just to warn prospective captains, I will get angry if ANY team loses, even if we are playing against them. My playing style, and attitude, compliment Evil's (see Evil's player info)"

Felix says: "Expect to see Longface picked in round 1, as with him on your team you no longer need to worry about handling or putting the discs up for your receivers to bring down. His input will help any team improve massively over the weekend, both in skills, technique and tactics. May be a little worse for wear on Sunday."

Alex Clarke

DOB: 07/01/1991

Height: 5'6"

Started playing: 05/10/2009

Teams: Panthers

"Running is fun!"

Felix says: "Probably the most underrated player in Brighton Ultimate, although Edgars puts him on a pedestal and says he has the perfect body for Ultimate. Alex started playing three years ago but due to work & travel took 2 years off. Now he's back and the time off seems to have done him wonders, his athleticism for bidding on offence and defence is superb and his throwing and game knowledge is coming along really well. Likely to be a game changer, watch out for the team that picks him at the right time..."

Callum Thomas

DOB: 27/04/1994
Height: 6'1"

Started playing: 12/09/2012
Teams: Mohawks

"evening all, 

not much to say about me, been a Mohawk since last year and want to sharpen my game; my cuts are fast and deep and i go for all catches no matter how painful or embarrassing the outcome. 

take care; 


Felix says: "A dedicated Mohawk fresher, Callum is acquiring good knowledge of the game through attending practices, making him a fairly well rounded player. His height will work in his favour in the later picks of Draft Night."

Bumfluff - Billy The Fluff

DOB: 01/03/1990

Height: 6'0"
Started playing: 01/09/2008
Teams: Mohawks, Brighton 2, GimV

"I am back at Mohawks now; I break myself often; Hopefully and I will be useful to your team. Please don't pick me if you dislike whistling, unwashed kit, raw handsomeness, and playing safe. Please pick me if your like minimal kit accessories, opportunistic flashing, the smell beef pizza, and the feeling of regret."

Felix says: "Unable to practice much in a long time, Billy Fluff's ideas and knowledge of the game aren't in the same ballpark as his form. He'll see options that can work and will take them, so you best hope whoever he is throwing to has seen the same option and is expecting the pass. Likely a round 3 pick, likely to be Deeny or Mannings that snaps him up!"


DOB: unknown

Height: 5'4"
Started playing: 01/09/2011

Teams: Mohawks, Squaws, BU Women


I generally prefer to play as a receiver but am happy to pick up occasionally. 

Pretty good in the end zone scoring those all important points :)"

Felix says: "Natalie has great game knowledge as she's attended tons of practices since she started playing, played Women's Tour, and kept her focus, determination and competitiveness throughout. If she keeps her confidence whilst catching then she'll be a force on both offence and defence."

Stefan Lewis

DOB: 25/03/1987
Height: 6'0"

Started playing: 20/09/2007
Teams: Fire of London, ABH
"I'm "that guy with all the hair" you may have seen pottering around tournaments the last 5 years or so. Generally quite jumpy and runny and slowly getting more self-restraint to avoid making those *ambitious* throws!"

Felix says: "Some impressive credentials and some really nice shorts will help Stefan be one of the first out-of-towners to be picked. Let's hope Fire haven't trained him out of all those ambitious throws, as he could be a smart round 2 pick for Deeny."

Luke 'Pogo' Farmery

DOB: 01/10/1989
Height: 5'7"

Started playing: 15/07/2007
Teams: Pier Pressure, Brighton Panthers, BU3, Mohawks Freshers

"Hello! For those of you who don't know me: I've been playing Ultimate at Uni for 5 years, mainly for Brighton Panthers. I've played Tour and Club Regionals for Pier Pressure (BU) for two years. I enjoy using my speed and endurance to my advantage in-game. Despite my height I like to work in the endzone, but I have recently (i.e. this entire indoor season just gone) been working on my role as a handler and have a confident range of throws. I like to keep things light-hearted on pitch, and I'll most likely scream encouragement/ positive-profanities from the sideline when I'm not playing."

Felix says: "Surprisingly stacked Pogo brings incredible speed to the table, which can be deadly if spotted early by the thrower. Working on his handling skills, he may be able to punish anyone trying to stop him getting the disc by burning them deep the length of the pitch. A well known first-team Panther, he could be snapped up in round 2."

Jamie "Jiggy" Moy

DOB: 24/06/1989
Height: 6'1"
Started playing: 15/09/2010
Teams: Panthers

"I'm Jiggy, and I jig,

I've played on and off for the last two years,

I was captain of team that won SICKO freshers 2010 (gave an awful speech)

Played as vice captain for Panthers last year, and have played in various positions, but now staple middle of the stack.

I am a positionally aggressive player and am comfortable cutting under or deep, and comfy in possession of the disc even during the higher numbers of a stall count, I also have no care for my body and will try anything to get the D if the disc is near me."

Felix says: "Jiggy is athletic and able to read the disc, getting up or horizontal to get catches or D's, and is always bleeding at the end of the game. He hasn't had much practice though, due to injuries and such, so his reading of the game will add a random element to any team's offense or defence - which could work in their favour if everybody knows what they are doing. Potentially a round 3 pick."

Millie Bell

DOB: 11/10/1993

Height: 5'7"

Started playing: 04/10/2012

Teams: Panthers

"Fairly new to ultimate but I'm up for sacrificing a few nails to catch a disc. I ironed womanned my first non beginner tournament and last May I did Tough Mudder in hotpants, a feat few can claim. A classy addition to any night out as I am fantastic at handling my drink."

Felix says: "Millie gets stuck in - whether it's on the pitch or at the party, you can always rely on her getting properly involved and adding to any situation without hesitation."

Stan Holt
DOB: 02/06/1991
Height: 6'3"

Started playing: 01/10/2009
Teams: Cardiff Storm
"If a man does his best, what else is there?" *'Recovering from injury so will be playing at 75%'.

Felix says: "Rising star Stan Holt will likely be an early round 2 pick, balancing out a team who has gone for more of a thrower in round 1. Stan's ups and athleticism make him a formidable force, but his relative unknown status in Brighton means captains who haven't done their research will be punished, as he catches point after point against a weaker matchup."

Rob "Roadtrip" Ellis

DOB: 30/07/1993

Height: 6'0"
Started playing: 01/10/2011
Teams: Mohawks, Coathangers, Huckit and Spade

"Can run and catch, can't really throw but it’s indoors so we'll have to see on the day. Also a bit injury prone about 50/50 chance of making it to the end of the weekend."

Felix says: "Roadtrip undersells himself, and may not be well known to the Panther captains so could be picked by Wotherspoon in round 4. Just returning from injury, he's capable of making big plays when they matter but can occasionally be caught sleeping on D, which may be punished by a heads-up opponent."

Rich "Therapist" Roberts

DOB: 80's

Height: nearly 6'0"

Started playing: 01/09/2009

Teams: Brighton, Mohawks

"I don't enjoy indoors very much, I get far too sweaty and make poor decisions or simply throw the thing badly. My indoor results peaked in 2010 and it has been a steady decline since then.

The photo is one of the many arguments I try and instigate when playing."

Felix says: "Definitely a round 1 pick, if not the #1 pick of the tournament. His agility, decision making, work rate and attitude are unmatched."

Ian Fox (Foxy)

DOB: 30/01/1987

Height: 6'0"

Started playing: 15/01/2007

Teams: Bru-Steel, BRB

"Fairly seasoned Indoor player. I handle for both teams mentioned but am happy to play in any position on the pitch."

Felix says: "A handler saying they are happy to play any position usually indicates they are a great cutter who has racked up plenty of handling experience due to also being one of the best throwers on their team. With 5 years experience, Foxy could be a gamble that pays off bigtime."

"Evil" Ben Marrable
DOB: Unknown
Height: 5'11"
Started playing: 2004
Teams: BU2, Mohawks, BU1, BYH, Evil Bitches, Montage, Switch, Rough Sleepers, Rat Couch

"Currently retired, I will not be at any trainings.
Happy to win but don't pick me if you're going to get angry if we lose!"

Felix says: "Having many years of experience and one of the best tactical minds in Brighton (both for board games and Ultimate), Evil brings qualities every team will need if they want to win. Probably a round 2 pick. 1 of 4 Club Open Indoor National Champions entering BUDIT."

Benjamin "Disc Ninja" Sargent
DOB: 17/04/1991
Height: 6'0"

Started playing: 01/10/2011
Teams: Pier Pressure, Panthers, Mental's Cases

"Not been playing that long but played a lot, love ultimate more then is either healthy or sane."

Felix says: "Modest Ben can be relied upon to put everything he has into every game, and is guaranteed to leave the pitch dripping sweat. His attitude will keep your team afloat when times get hard, and his physical presence will lure the opponent's smart defenders into poaching, which can open up an opportunity for them to be punished."

Odette Bakker
DOB: 29/10/1990
Height: 5'7"
Started playing: 09/2011
Teams: Brighton Panthers, Kenton
"Pretty sneaky in the end zone!"

Felix says: "Known by the Panthers and feared by the Squaws, Odette's scoring ability will be a big factor - if your team doesn't have her, you better have someone who can stop her."

Paul Marshall
DOB: 26/04/1988
Height: 5'10"
Started playing: 10/10/2006
Teams: Reservoir Discs (Bangor uni)
"I played for Bangor university for 3 years. I am a hard worker and never give up. I can receive and handle with confidence."

* payment not confirmed

Felix says: "Confidence can go a long way. Any captain that spots the stat of how long Paul has been playing will likely be eager to have him on their team rather than have to play against him!"

Graham Love
DOB: 08/02/1992
Height: 5'11"
Started playing: 16/10/2012
Teams: Chichester Cobras

"I'm relatively new to the game but have picked it up really quickly and am apparently playing to a high standard already.

I'm always enthusiastic and buzzing to play, will chase any frisbee and outrun any defender. On defense I will always stick to my man or zone with all that I've got.

All in all, I'm really enjoying it and want to play as much as I can!"

Felix says: "Sounds like Graham has received praise at Chichester, and so no doubt has gained plenty of experience with them lobbing him the frisbee loads at practices! Could easily be better than he knows... might be a gamble which pays off in round 3 or 4."

Sophie aka Blabs

DOB: 14/10/1991

Height: 5"4

Started playing: 01/10/2011

Teams: Mohawks, Squaws, Brighton, Double Ds

"I LOVE FRISBEE. and 'hawks. fo shoooo."

Felix says: "A strong will to improve and the chance to play with a new group of team mates will likely bring out the best in Blabs, whose improvement over the weekend may make the difference in the final games on Sunday."

Benjamin 'Benjy' Rees
DOB: 24/08/1992
Height: 5'4"
Started playing: 01/10/2010
Teams: Mohawks, Huckit & Spade
"I'm Benjy. I'm a third-year Mohawk who can run lots, enjoys a nice IO break and often gets angry with himself on pitch. Luminescent orange shorts included in draft package. There's a nice photo of me being skied (although I would like to point out I am actually higher off the ground)."

Felix says: "One of, if not THE most determined player in the city, if Benji can keep his head up he's capable of pulling out some great plays to make the difference."

Faron Young
DOB: 25/10/1991
Height: 6'1"
Started playing: 01/02/2011
Teams: Mohawks, Tactical Dump, Not so Bright'n
"I can run, jump and throw. Ask me to do all 3 at the same time and it won't end well. I'm easily persuaded by cake. (the food not the guy)"

*payment not confirmed

Felix says: "Owner of the undisputed Best Male Chest of the Mohawks, Faron's athleticism makes him a force to be reckoned with on offence and defence, able to challenge any player at BUDIT. Probable round 1 pick."

Andy Berry
DOB: 14/09/1990
Height: 6'5"
Started playing: 01/11/2009
Teams: Panthers, Pier Pressure, Napoleon Skynamite, BFG
"Not a handler, still learning to jump and not the quickest. But I am pretty tall...

Haven't played virtually no Ultimate in a good two and a half months, so may be a bit rusty."

Felix says: "Don't be fooled - it's official, Andy can now jump. He just usually doesn't need to. In high demand and possibly the first player to be picked, you'll see him in exciting match ups against Faron, Mental, Felix, Rapo, Stan Holt, and Sam Airey."

Vicky King

DOB: 28/05/1975

Height: 5'5"

Started playing: 01/10/1998

Teams: Brighton, BLISS

"Played for Mohawks and squaws. Played with Brighton women and internationally for BLISS. Had lots of tournament experience including Worlds, Europeans and currently European mixed club champion. Played for Shocker mixed at Rimini and placed 5th. Saying that I havent played for 2 years now and Im a bit unfit!"

Felix says:  "Vicky brings unmatched experience into the women's picks, will be hard for any of the other women to match up against, and will be able to throw scores from anywhere on the field. Despite claims of unfitness, she'll be unlikely to be scored on, in fact she's more likely to get some poach D's when her teammates get beaten. Likely to be one of (if not the) the first woman to go in the women's round."

Alex "Al Gore" "Sasha" "CBA" Gorton

DOB: 20/02/1994

Height: 6'3"

Started playing: 23/09/2012

Teams: Mohawks 2, Suck My Disc

"I've been playing properly since September, though have been throwing for about 3 years now, work hard on O, almost as hard on D, can catch most things thrown at me, and am confident to take on most passes."

Felix says: "Probably the most experienced of this years Mohawk freshers, Al Gore was the big receiver on the freshers team that got to the final of Skunks, and then made it onto the Mohawks 2 team indoors and has been attending pretty much all the Monday night sessions. Able to pull of a whole range of throws and catches, he's no liability on D either as he stands at 6'3". Wotherspoon was his team mate in Mohawks 2 so will probably have the best idea about when to pick him."

Tom "Jesus" Endean

DOB: 03/07/1989

Height: 5'11"
Started playing: Winter 2008

Teams: BU, Reading

"I'm pretty average at everything, I can throw abit and run abit, I also generally don't get injured very much (touch wood)."

Felix says: "Tom has plenty of experience playing with a quality team in the BACA hall as he's in WIBL round 1 league-toppers Napoleon Skynamite. He's trained more with Panthers than Mohawks, so expect a Panther captain to pick him, though Deeny may have a shout in there too. Tom has a well rounded game with no obvious flaws and the ability to impress with big catches or d's when the situation requires it!"

Jamie Weatherby

DOB: 18/08/1985

Height: 6'0"

Started playing: 01/06/2010

Teams: Curve

"I'm pretty solid in all the basics and am a decent athlete in general. Been playing for Curve for a year now."

Felix says: "Curve are a well established team in London who are open to new players joining, so it's hard to garner any information from that. Anyone who describes themselves as an athlete in general usually is exactly that, and the picture backs this idea up, I can see it being the start of a give-go move, looks like pretty good form. A gamble for the captains which could pay dividends, especially on defence."

Arthur Holt

DOB: 17/08/1995

Height: 6'1"

Started playing: 01/07/2012

Teams: Mental's Cases

"At first I may not know what to do.

But I can guarantee you Carol that I will find out."

Felix says: "After performing well in his first ever games of Ultimate at BUDL, including the Final (video here), Stan's brother Arthur has shown he can pick something up quickly and compete at a good level. His height being an obvious advantage, likely to see him picked in round 6 or 7, possibly by the captain that picks his brother."

Nicole Cozens

DOB: 24/08/1978

Height: "Hah! Short....."

Started playing: 09/1999

Teams: Brighton, Herd, Iso/Iceni

"Old, slow, likely to make unnecssary fall over catches but not actually lay out when needed. Will bring cute/demanding toddler. Can break in to the school if anyone has an urgent need for exercise books or highlighters."

Felix says: "Anyone who has seen Fiddlewinx play this season has been impressed by Nicole's play, as she catches anything within reach and makes classic cuts which are easy for a thrower to hit. With her national & international experience, she'll be one of the first women picks."

Josh "Geezer" George

DOB: 30/04/1993

Height: 6'4"

Started playing: 01/09/2012

Teams: Mohawks, Coathangers, Not So Brighton Jnrs

"My form very much depends on how much Frisbee has been played in the previous week. But when on form....well...you know...woah. The experience of captaining at Regionals last term has got me all motivated to do well, and has potty trained the Coathanger flair a bit; a trait that you can decide if a good one or not. 

I'm also the heart and soul of the party so expect to see me smashed on both the Friday and Saturday night...................."

Felix says: "Despite being one of those suspicious people with two first names, Geezer seems to be a genuine character with good frisbee ability and good knowledge and experience in the game. No standout weak points as a player, and also good fun to be around off-pitch, Geezer could be picked by any captain - though his Coathanger teammate Sam may be hoping they'll gloss over him."

Chris "Maggie" Parry-Morris

DOB: 04/03/1993

Height: 5'11"ish

Started playing: 05/09/2011

Teams: Mohawks, Huckit and Spade, Not So Brighton

"While I may not be a very good frisbee player, I am a solid drinker and always bring some colourful shorts to the pitch."

Felix says: "One of the Mohawks social secs, get Maggie on your team and you won't be wondering where to go from the Druids on Saturday night - he'll have likely already sorted some kind of VIP passes for your team. Maggie's racked up plenty of experience having played at Paganello and other tournaments, so he'll be familiar with a variety of situations on the field, perhaps even through a hangover."

Callum "Mancake" Smith

DOB: 03/03/1990
Height: 5'10"

Started playing: 01/09/2009

Teams: Clapham, GB, Mohawks

"Like a few others, I can't make Sunday. I will, however, bring lots of terrible banter and sc00bers. I'll also likely be caught checking out hotties when I should be shouting encouragement from the sideline."

Felix says: "Another interesting pick, BUDL captain Callum brings great disc skills, athleticism and agility to any team, but leaves a gaping hope on Sunday when he goes off to GB World Games training with Gash. I think when Gash gets picked, you'll see Callum picked within the next five as the captains start to worry - but winning Saturday's games alone may not help win the tournament..."

Steven Nemeth

DOB: 13/03/1991

Height: 6'1"

Started playing: 01/10/2009

Teams: Curve & Kernow Inferno

"Played Ultimate since University and just get on with it using a lot of enthusiasm and some skill picked up along the way! In terms of players in the London area, I'd describe as slap-bang in the middle. 

Happy all-round to cut/handle/receive, though best role and specialty is probably as cutter with a fair dollop of stamina and have played 'necessary handler' at uni.

Hope that helps and will always put all effort for whomever picks me up! "

Felix says: "With his height and variety of experience, including all-important handler-at-uni experience, Steven will be a good pick, but at what point in Draft Night? The captains will probably be using Facebook and Google to get as much info on this potential game-changing out-of-towner as possible, and then holding off picking him until a later round, thinking that the other captains haven't done their research! Oh what drama will unfold."

Steven Matthews

DOB: unknown

Height: 6'1"

Started playing: 10/2012

Teams: Mohawks

"I hate losing!!! and mayo lol"

Felix says: "Hammer happy Steven has clocked up a load of experience in the last few months, attending Monday nights in Hove and almost every single Mohawks practice and tournament. Bringing most elements of basketball into Ultimate, Steven's uncanny ability to get his force to turn around and run away from him will surely see him set apart from the rest in the second half of Draft Night. Deeny will scoop him up in round 6."

Lucy Wiggins

DOB: 20/06/1991

Height: 5'7"
Started playing: 20/09/2009

Teams: Squaws, Not So Brighton, WTF

"If I am the last person to be picked, I will cry!! I also like pink and wearing my skort, and am very excited to party hard on the Saturday night. I can also play a bit of D and catch some stuff if needed."

Felix says: "Lucy, a member of the Lucy-Rhona-Beth combo, has been a key player in the champion Squaws team for the last few years, picking up untold experience along the way. She proved recently she can kick it with the guys with a good performance with WTF playing against the star-studded Avatarz in WIBL. Will likely be in the first few women picks."

Charlie Gorton

DOB: 10/02/1992

Height: 6'0"

Started playing: 01/10/2010

Teams: Mo1, Not So Brighton, WTF, Tactical Dump

"I am a really boring player. If I have put effort in on D and get the disc back I then I like to make sure we keep it as 0 turns at regionals and 1 at nationals (when ash fell over I stress) testify.

Will lay out lots, may get beaten in the air by some people, but oh well, who doesn't occasionally."

Felix says: "Selling himself as a safe player is a wise choice for Charlie as it'll appeal to most of the captains. Plenty of experience already in his two years of playing, Charlie is a relatively quiet but very useful player to have on your team, and can be relied upon when needed."


DOB: 22/03/1991

Height: 5'1"

Started playing: 09/2011

Teams: Mohawks

"my height is one of my greatest advantages, especially when playing against people over 5'9 as I am out of their peripheral vision and can change direction before they even think of looking down. looked through the rule book and yes, I can call vision on tall people"

Felix says: "Mette brings confidence and fearlessness onto the pitch, will get a bid in on any disc near her and has a comprehensive set of throws to boot - great for punishing anyone who starts poaching when they see the thrower is smaller than the disc."

James "Mac" Macdonald

DOB: 30/05/1984
Height: 5'6"

Started playing: 01/10/2003

Teams: Milton Keynes, Mohawks, Brighton 2

"I play a high risk, high reward game. As a handler my job is to make receivers look damned awesome. Like getting toe-the-line-layout-IO-scoober grabs? Pick me to throw the scoober your way  and wait for the crowd to start cheering you. I'm an "expect the disc anytime from anywhere" kind of guy, but I dislike both indoor backhands and runny D."

Felix says: "Mac was the first Mohawk of the new generation, post-Waggle era. He brought Mohawks up to top div2 standard, from where they have continued accelerating and never looked back. Last season he was a big player on the DED offence line, part of a team which beat Brighton 1 several times, and he showed he has continued to improve whilst retaining the Brighton style in his game, finding goal scoring throws in the most unlikely of places, and flummoxing the defence. A Big Yellow Hat veteran, but little known to any of the captains, they will have to gamble to pick him - but it will pay off."

James "Federerer" Attrill

DOB: 18/03/1989

Height: 6'1"

Started playing: 2007

Teams: Mohawks, Brighton 2, Redemption House

"What can I bring to a team? Thigh. And lots of it. Oh, and some big knees.

If your team is looking a bit thin on legs then I'm your man. I can also spanner-catch really simple passes during really important points, which may or may not be in your team's plan. 

I like 50ps a lot."

Felix says: "Attrill is very experienced, having played on several top level Mohawks teams, and showing safe hands, good decisions, and solid play for Redemption House at last year's WIBL/SIBL. He goes from strength to strength despite no longer practicing, and will be a very reliable pick who won't clog up the pitch but will make decisive cuts when needed."

Officer T J Wilson

DOB: 20/10/1985
Height: 5'11"

Started playing: Oct 2004

Teams: Kent, Brighton, Mohawks

"My life revolves around my bread maker. I once also watched someone eat four eggs in a single sandwich."

Felix says: "Veteran Mohawk Tequila has excellent ability both behind the disc and upfield, with big ups and clutch throws. Experienced playing with both beginners and european standard players, he sounds like the perfect draft pick and I wouldn't be surprised to see him go in round 1."

Dan Knightley

DOB: 03/05/1992

Height: 6'1.5"

Started playing: 24/09/2011
Teams: Mohawks, Coathangers

"I am not known for being the most intense or psycho player but have height, moderate speed, malleability, fitness (joke?), and I'd say I'm relatively solid/reliable on offense, defense is hit and miss...

My foremost aim is to enjoy the games/tournaments as much as possible so like to remain relaxed and positive no matter how well/bummy it's going.

Also I smile at people."

Felix says: "With good solid skills across the board, DK will be on form for BUDIT after plenty of WIBL and training with Mohawks 1. Able to bring out catches when they look like certain D's, I can see him improving over the weekend as he learns how to fit into the team."

"Dev" Devansh Gor

DOB: 03/12/1992
Height: 5'9"

Started playing: 01/10/2010

Teams: Panthers, Schindlers Discs

"I've played for just over a year, still don't really know the rules!"

Felix says: "Due to missing a few practices, Dev has a few gaps in his game, but he thrives on competition - being a relative veteran of WIBL and always competing for the Panthers teams at Regionals, he has quite a lot of relatively big game experience which should come in handy for the BUDIT weekend."

Jessica Law

DOB: 24/06/1993
Height: 5'11"
Started playing: 04/10/2012
Teams: Panthers

"I may not have been playing for long, but I have the steely determination and commitment of any experienced opponent - This is one highly competitive gal. If you're looking for someone that can play equally as well hungover as they can sober, then I'm your lady. And as for cheering the team on? You're looking at the girl who invented the Panthers chant so you won't be left short for team spirit. I've yet to do a 3 pint challenge, so whether it be the dance floor or in the endzone, you're bound to see some interesting moves."

Felix says: "Jess will add to the vibe of any team and put her all in on the pitch and at the party. Improving all the time and with a height advantage over most opponents, expect great stuff from her at the end of Saturday and Sunday if she's not too knackered!"

Alex "Football" Bucounited

DOB: 05/07/2012

Height: 178cm

Started playing: September 2012

Teams: Mohawks, Coathangers

"Looking forward to this! "

Felix says: "Despite apparently being 7 months old, Football has actually played Ultimate for over a year, and 178cm translates to 5'10". Although he may not be able to fill in simple forms, Football is a big impact player who gets involved in every point, listens and learns, can make a positive difference, but lacks patience at times. He may have neglected improving his sidearm, but his backhand breaks are formidable, and having a lefty on your team does give you an advantage over the defence."

Matt 'Victim' Morecraft

DOB: 01/04/1993

Height: 6'3"
Started playing: 01/09/2011
Teams: Chichester Uni, Release

"I LOVES abit FRIS!. I started playing in my first year of uni (chichester uni) and loved it. Into my second year and I am currently club captain and doing fair. Just pick me for huge D's and a couple of niffty grabs. I'm normally that kid they pick last so I'm cool with it now."

Felix says: "Scary-looking Victim comes in at six foot three and full of confidence on the field. Being captain of Chichester Uni team suggests he's practicing frequently and getting involved around the disc, so could be a threat at both ends of the pitch."

Sian Hodgkiss

DOB: 25/08/1992
Height: 5'5"
Started playing: 11/2011
Teams: Brighton Panthers, Brighton Women, Kenton

"I have been chasing discs for about a year now, and love playing as a cutter. I will put my all into every game....and am happy to sacrifice the health of my knees to catch that all important bit of plastic."
Felix says: "Sian never stops running and never gives up on any disc, pulling out awesome high grabs and layout scores when they are most needed. Usually on the receiving end of bullets from Hannah, I can see her making a big difference at the end of the weekend when she's adapted her game to suit her team's throwers."

Liam ("Lee-Boss", "Twinkletoes"?)Patrickson

DOB: 22/05/1991
Height: 6'0"

Started playing: 20/09/2011
Teams: Schindlers Discs, Panthers

"Will work my socks off to repay the faith invested in selecting me! Used to handling and always willing to throw some ballsy stuff, but am always happy to fill in anywhere I can have the most positive influence. Current open vice captain for panthers."

Felix says: "The perfect player for Deeny's team, I won't feel right if it doesn't happen - though, being the vice captain of the Panthers, he'll be in high demand. Bringing an American Football attitude to Ultimate, Liam has stuck with it and not done too bad as a result. 2nd round pick, possibly pushed to 3rd round if there's a drive for out-of-town players."

Richard "Gash" Harris

DOB: 21/03/1986
Height: 6'2"

Started playing: 15/10/2005
Teams: Clapham Ultimate, GB, Mohawks

"Unfortunately due to previous commitments I am going to miss out on the fun of Sunday games.... however, what I will lack in Sunday playing I will make up in the pub (and definitely club) on Friday night.... and hopefully on the pitch on Saturday (hangover dependant)."

Felix says: "Interesting one! Home-grown International Superstar Gash will still able to contribute positively to his team on Saturday, despite hangover, and not just with results - his tactical knowledge will be able to help his team become more cohesive, and his insight will probably improve his captain's ability even for Sunday. Can the team that picks him really have a shot at winning the tournament? Without a round 1 or round 2 level player on Sunday, there will be mismatches across the board... Either way, they're guaranteed to have a great Friday night, and feel good after their games on Saturday! Perhaps as good as Gash feels in his photo. 1 of 4 Club Open Indoor National Champions entering BUDIT."

Becky "Gully" Evans

DOB: 20/02/1991
Height: 5'7.5"

Started playing: 01/05/2005
Teams: Mohawks, Brighton, MXU

"Best known for being photogenic, I'll keep you entertained with my "Gully slide" moments, and notable positive sidelining. May be responsible for turnovers due to my excessively tight kit, but I'll play hard D and love a good scoober!"

Felix says: "A player who feeds off the vibe of the team, when spirits are high Gully can catch everything and throw scores from anywhere on the field."

James "Waggle" Houghton

DOB: 26/06/1979
Height: 6'0"

Started playing: 05/06/1997
Teams: Brighton, GB Mixed, Mohawks
"Long standing member of BU and Mohawks. I'm keen to showcase my new outside in air bounce at Budit and show that Ultimate really is a thinking game and not a running one."

Felix says: "Waggle will likely be a round 1 pick, bringing a level head and safe hands on offence, having a massive impact on any team he plays for. A utility player who must be used correctly, worth constructing a team around. However if round 1 goes the route of physically dominant athletes, Waggle will certainly be the first pick in round 2. 1 of 4 Club Open Indoor National Champions entering BUDIT. "

Yoann Desgrange
DOB: 23/01/1988
Height: 6'0"
Started playing: 30/09/2009
Teams: Sesquidistus, Skunks, Centrale Lyon
"Have been travelling around for the past few years moving from one club to another as I changed city. I Like the endzone (maybe too much) and tend to look for the deep pass.

Indoor is my favorite, though I haven't played it for a while."

Felix says: "Yoann will be unknown to any captains who haven't played on Monday nights. Likely to be a late pick, nobody's seen how he plays in a tournament situation yet, so he could easily put on his Game Face and surprise everyone."

Ethan Fitzpatrick

DOB: 22/01/1989

Height: 5'11"

Started playing: 10/10/2007

Teams: Pier Pressure, Napoleon Skynamite, BU3, Brighton Panthers

"I don't train often.. more of a tourney player now, but i never stop..."

Felix says: "Well known to the Panther captains, Ethan will be able to fit in to any team and make a positive difference. Round 3 or 4 pick."

Felix Shardlow

DOB: 20/08/1982
Height: 6'0"
Started playing: 03/10/2000
Teams: Mohawks, Clapham, GB Open, Brighton 1
"Have been playing and coaching for many a year, happy anywhere on the field"

Felix says: "Can't be trusted on Sunday mornings. Will likely be playing for the first time in a month due to breaking a bone in his left hand - if he re-injures it could spell disaster for the captain who picks him, but if he's on form it will take the uninterrupted concentration of another round 1 pick to contain him.  1 of 4 Club Open Indoor National Champions entering BUDIT."

Toby Whitehead
DOB: 07/08/1979
Height: 5'11"
Started playing: 01/10/2008
Teams: Skynamite, Pier Pressure, Panthers
"I'm happy to loose some skin."

Felix says: "Many years experience training every week with the Panthers, a solid player who will likely be picked by one of the Panther captains in round 3, depending on the gambles taken on the out-of-town players."

Alex "Pitcher" Murray
DOB: 16/09/1989
Height: 5'10"
Started playing: 15/10/2008
Teams: Huckit and Spade, Brighton 3, Mohawks

Felix says: "Pitcher's passion for Ultimate has been reignited after being a finalist with the Rough Sleepers, where he proved he can be an asset to any team. Probably a smart choice in round 3."

Timmie Blunt
DOB: 22/12/1983
Height: 5'11"
Started playing: 10/10/2007
Teams: BRB, RUF, ABH

"Been playing for quite a while, but only been doing it (relatively well) for about 2 years. Started at Roehampton Uni, then played some London Summer league with Fugazees (RIP), then joined ABH (loosely) and formed BRB.

Team-player, selfless (aka willing to share pitch-time), takes each point as it comes, team-playa, friendly and brings an enthusiastic vibe."

Felix says: "Always good having selfless team players who bring a good vibe to the team, and the fact he's a founding father of BRB suggests he's the kind of player everyone likes on their team. ABH and Fugazees are also respectable teams with plenty of history, so he's used to playing with a variety of players. Did Timmie pick up any strange techniques before he started playing "relatively well" though?"

Guy Farber
DOB: 09/07/1987
Height: 5'6"
Started playing: 01/10/2011
Teams: RUF, Cutty Shark, BRB

"All round player.. on and off the pitch"

Felix says: "A BUDL veteran, Guy's background shows a good set of teams he's learnt to play in, however with limited info available about him he might find himself picked in one of the last rounds."

Pete Horne
DOB: 04/03/1989
Height: 6'2"
Started playing: 09/08/2012
Teams: Mental's Cases

"I can't really throw. I can catch things sometimes. The things I sometimes catch are occasionally Frisbee discs."

Felix says: "Having picked up the game surprisingly quickly with just BUDL experience and through osmosis by being around Fluff, Oscar and Pitcher, Pete has won every tournament he's played. With none of his BUDL team mates captaining at BUDIT he'll likely be picked towards the end, but will be a smart choice."

Jessie Stanbrook
DOB: 09/05/1991
Height: 5"4
Started playing: 20/10/2010
Teams: Mohawks, Brighton, Not so Brighton

"I make good flapjacks."

Felix says: "Her flapjack making skills unquestioned, Jessie has been a main handler for the Squaws this year so can be the safest pair of hands on the field, but also has plenty of experience taking the shots when they're on and making points happen."

Chris 'Stavros' Simporis
DOB: 27/11/1987
Height: 5'10"
Started playing: 01/09/2011
Teams: Panthers, Schindlers Disc

"I love indoor"

Felix says: "His love of indoors and tactical mindset brings an element every team needs to be sucessful - so long as his crazy plans work! Known well to Panthers, Stavros will likely be a round 4 pick."

DOB: 25/04/1992
Height: 5'6"
Started playing: 01/02/2012
Teams: Brighton Panthers

"I'm one of those small fast people who like to catch disks!"

Felix says: "Catch Jenil in the right mood and he'll sneak off and score on you before you know what's happened. Having racked up experience by attending almost every Panther practice possible, he'll be able to adapt to a variety of situations."

Steven Nichol
DOB: 25/02/1988
Height: 6'2"
Started playing: 10/09/2008
Teams: Bangor Uni
"Started playing for Bangor Uni in 2008 was captain for 09/10 year. Had atleast a year out an how much I party on sat night is in direct ratio to how well we do on sat day!"

Felix says: "Coming in at 6'2" but with limited other info, Steven will be picked towards the beginning of the end of Draft Night, possibly by a captain who also has other Bangor players on their team."